POS Pizza Groups


Do you own more than one restaurant or operate a franchise? If so, POS Pizza Groups is for you. POS Pizza groups centralizes reporting for multiple locations into a single point. Access reports for all locations combined, or for specific groups of locations like "East Coast", "West Coast", etc.. POS Pizza Groups also allows you to create fully customized reports.

Managing menus is now easier than ever with POS Pizza Groups too. Modify your menus and matching Premium POS profile at one location, then back that up to an XML file, and then upload that to the POS Pizza Groups server. The menus and Premium profile will be distributed to each of your locations automatically.

POS Pizza Groups can be self-hosted, or hosted on Microsoft Azure, or Amazon AWS. It also runs exceptionally well under hypervisors such as Proxmox.

POS Pizza Groups consists of four parts. The server, the admin tool, the reporting tool, and the agent.

  • The Server — This is the location for the centralized database where each store sends new orders and updates them.
  • The Admin Tool — This is is used by the network admin to remotely administer the POS Pizza Groups server.
  • The Reporting Tool — This is used by the franchise accountants, and the owners to view reports for all locations.
  • The Agent — This is the portion that each location runs, that regularly checks in at pre-set intervals to upload new orders to the server.
Reporting Tool
Reporting Tool
Custom Reports
Custom Reports

All connections between the client apps and the server are secured and encrypted using a private key system and AES256 encryption. When first deploying the server random keys for standard and administrative access will be generated. From there, remote access files can be created using the remote file generation tool which is installed with the server. The tool will generate .rmt files that are password protected, and can be emailed to your individual locations and clients who need to access the server. Once this is done, you can further remotely administer the server including generating new keys and access files from the remote administration tool. The reporting tool can also optionally generate standard remote access files as well.

Once all of your stores have the agent installed, they will begin regularly sending new orders to the server. You can then access that data and generate reports for individual locations, groups of locations, or all locations. You can also easily distribute menus with Premium POS profiles to your locations. You can decide which locations get updated, and what menus to send to different locations.

Sales by Day of Week
Sales by Day of Week

POS Pizza Groups is an add-on package for POS Pizza which gives you extra capability for owners with more than one location. Locations can be added for as little as $10.50 per month. Call us, or visit our online store for more information.


Key Features

POS Pizza Groups has the following key features:
  • Very Affordable - Only $10.50/mo per location when purchasing 3 or more years of licenses.
  • Customizable configurations to meet your individual needs
  • Custom Reports
  • Common Sales Reports
  • Distributed Menus and Premium POS Profiles
  • Can be self-hosted, or hosted in the cloud
  • more...

Hardware Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1 Professional or newer. Windows 10 or 11 Pro recommended.
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Accessible from the internet, cloud hosted or self-hosted.
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Professional or newer. Windows 10 or 11 Pro recommended.
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Access to the internet / remote server

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